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2001 BMW R1100RL Oil change

Matthew Miller

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Matthew Miller

I am about to do my first tune-up since I purchased this bike on June 2, 2015. This is the major Tune-up at 24,000 Miles. I am going to buy the tune-up kit from Beemer Bone Yard and they offer 3 kits. Kit 1 includes Full Synthetic Engine Oil, Kit 2 includes Synthetic Blend Engine Oil and Kit 3 includes Mineral Based Engine Oil. Will the Full Synthetic Oil likely make my engine last longer than using Conventional Oil? Or is Full Synthetic really only needed on high RPM Sport bikes.

Thanks and hope I do not start to big of an argument. In past years on all of my Japanese bikes I have generally used Castrol GTX Racing Oil. It is easy to get and not too expensive.

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Matthew There are those that will tell you that synthetic oil will resist oxidation better than mineral base oil--which is important in an air or oil cooled engine----and that is probably right. But if you change you oil and filter religiously on time your engine will serve you well for a very, very long time. Many of us would consider 24K miles just broke in!

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Afternoon Matthew Miller


In a word or two NO, (uplevel) synthetic oil can take higher operating temps but that usually isn't a problem on BMW street bikes.


What (a good uplevel) synthetic coil can do is operate longer with less shearing therefore extending oil change intervals. This is only important IF a rider intends to stretch oil change intervals (most riders don't so this)



The thing to keep in mind a GOOD well proven dino based oil can very well outperform a cheap low quality synthetic oil.


In the USA here about any oil that can be squeezed into a container can be labeled as full synthetic so just because it says full synthetic is pretty meaningless.


A quality synthetic oil (with specs to prove it) is not cheap to produce. Plus, even a good synthetic base is not worth much without up level additives to go into it (so buyer beware)


If oil choice is something you really care about then do a LOT of research before plunking your money down just because it says the magic word "synthetic" on the bottle.


Then you have the biggest marketing ploy of all-- semi-synthetic (just what does that mean?) Could be just the container is partially a synthetic something or other. (kind of reminds me of semi-pregnant)




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As D.R. says, if you're not significantly extending change intervals full syn can be a waste of money (unless of course excess spending makes you happy :Cool:). If you have the owner's manual, the API Service Classification and SAE viscosity recommendations are there. Buy any brand that meets those at a minimum and you're good to go ... really.

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Will the Full Synthetic Oil likely make my engine last longer than using Conventional Oil?


These engines don't tend to wear out. Doesn't seem to matter what oil you put in them. For the most part you may as well throw your money down the drain.


However, a GOOD fully synthetic can help in the transmission department with smoothness of shifting.

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