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Since lengthening my daily commute from 10 to 120 miles, I've been concerned with tailgaters and those who generally follow too close. My '04 RT has decent rear end illumination, and I've added a set of Run'N Lites to add a little more. But, after hearing about this product, I had to give it a try to put my mind further at ease.




They claim that the product activates on deceleration instead of wiring into the bike's brake switch so that intrigued me. I admit to a lack of attention when riding at a good clip with my buddies and not noticing their rapid rate of deceleration on a few turns. I also tend to engine brake in most situations, as all those Track Days have started to sink in. :)


I figured it would help with the daily cagers driving mindlessly along Michigan's I96 freeway as well, as my constant toggling of the brake lever to get their attention was getting old.


I received the product a few days after ordering and installation couldn't be simpler. It requires 12vdc, but not wired into the brake circuit. So I chose the license plate bulb in the taillight housing. It took me about 15 min. to wire it up and turn on the key.


Sure enough the unit had power. Then all you do is rotate it a few times to initially calibrate it.


Then install it (the license plate is placed inside the unit). However, on the RT, the fender protrudes a bit at the bottom, causing interference of the unit. A quick run to the hardware store and I had some nylon spacers to solve the problem.


Later on a buddy came over and we did the programming together. You need two people so the bike can sit level on both tires.


I would say that process took 45 sec. at most. We then took turns riding up and down my street to see how it worked in each of the four programming modes using engine braking only. I chose the touring mode as it seemed to be less sensitive than the default setting.


Time will tell and it really is hard to evaluate its effectiveness but I can't help think its a benefit to safety.



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