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Catching neutral on the way to 2nd


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Anybody else experience this with their 6 speeds? It's usually when the bike is real warm, hot even. Say an hour into a ride on a warm day. In fact, the hotter the day, the easier it hangs up in neutral.


I will admit to "short" shifting the thing pretty bad. I don't use a whole lot of clutch and I blip the lever quickly. But, it won't hang up at all early in a ride. Pre-loading the shifter certainly helps, but it will still get caught sometimes.

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Morning greiffster


I have 2 service bulletins on similar 1150 6 speed shifting issues. The first is for the little shift lever (the one on the trans splined stub shaft) coming loose & sliding out too far. (so maybe check that)


The other is for a incorrectly machined shift drum (I can't locate that bulletin with the computer I have with me now) so I'm not sure of the vin/year range.


Another possibility if the ever present spline wear issue. That usually shows up more hot than cold.


Are you being deliberate on shift? The 1st to 2nd is long & passes through neutral so if a bit lazy on the shift that is the one that is more difficult to complete (not saying you are just mentioning something else to look for)


Something to try-- is to decel just a little & work the clutch lever a little on the decal coast, THEN try your 1-2 shift. If the 1-2 shift gets notably better then maybe remove your starter check the clutch disk play on the input shaft splines.


Another thing to try is to adjust your clutch lever wheel to max lever travel (release point farthest from the bars) this allows the clutch disk to move farther on clutch release. If this helps the shift, then again, look at your clutch disk to spline rotational play.



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I just checked the splines a couple months ago and am happy to report zero play between the clutch and spline. I simply can't get one to move without the other. So I think I'm good there.


I am a lazy shifter. If I am deliberate from 1 to 2 and focus on the fact that it is a longer shift, then I really don't have the problem. I just thought it a bit strange that it seems to be temperature sensitive.

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Morning greiffster


If you think it might be related to your shifting aggressiveness then you might try a different shoe/boot as a test.


I have one pair of riding boots that don't allow clean UP-shifting for me UNLESS I really pay attention to foot articulation.

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I had the same problem but its been a while, I use the clutch lever blip method you describe and pre load that everyone describes. Seems as though If I "think" about the shift it fails, if I ignore the shift it engages. Weird huh.

Sry I don't have something more for ya. BTW, I run Amsoil Severe Gear 75/140.

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I run Amsoil Severe Gear 75/140.


I did try a couple different oils. The Valvoline Synpower stuff, both the 75W90 and the 140. I'm currently running the purple max gear stuff, 75W140. No real difference between them, that I can tell.

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