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Displaying tire pressure??


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I know this is very fundamental, but I just bought a '13 R1200RT day before yesterday, and the bike came with no manual. I downloaded a PDF copy, but still can't find what I want.


When I test rode the bike it displayed tire pressure on the multi-display screen. Before I agreed to purchase the bike I asked the dealer to install new tires, which he did. I picked it up as soon as it was ready. On the ride home I noticed that there was no tire pressure display, nor any error indication. Not being familiar with the computer, I figure that I just don't know how to display tire pressure.


I like to think I'm a pretty bright guy, but I don't quite understand the manual. It appears that there are two different display modes available. I am able to cycle through things like average MPG, average MPH, etc. using the "INFO" button. I was able to reset the trip odometers, so I am reasonably certain the computer is working. But again, no tire pressure indication at all.


So.... Am I just missing some simple step to display tire pressures, or did the dealer (a Triumph dealer who had taken the bike in trade and was totally unfamiliar with the bike) damage one of the senders?



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Afternoon Defranks


It could have damages sensors but you would think that would trigger the warning light.


Have you ridden the bike AFTER playing with the INFO button? If not ride the bike (over 20mph)


The sensors are equipped with

a centrifugal controller, which

does not enable the transmission

of the measured values until

a speed of approx. 19 mph

(30 km/h) is reached. Before initial

reception of the tire inflation

pressure, -- is shown in the display

for each tire. The sensors

continue to transmit the measured

values for approx. 15 minutes

after the motorcycle comes

to a stop.

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Yes, I've taken the bike out for a ride.


I notice that the button that cycles between the odometer and trip meters doesn't always work, in fact, it works less often than it doesn't. This bike may still have some warranty left (a 2013 with under 16K miles on it.) If so, I will have the local dealer check it out.


Thanks for your reply.

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Hi - regarding your owners manual, I didn't think I received one either until i looked in the locked compartment on the top right of the gas tank area. Hopefully yours is there. You will probably want to order a Haynes Service and Repair manual for around $30 for more detailed information. Thanks. Joe

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On the GT you just use the Info button to rotate the display between options - one of them being tire pressures.

You do have to get the bike rolling and up to speed before the tire sensors start working.

I am able to cycle through things like average MPG, average MPH, etc. using the "INFO" button.

That's how it works on the GT. Even before the sensors start registering you can cycle through the screen for them. It just displays dashes instead of numbers.

Odd that nothing shows up for you. I'd suggesting calling up the dealer and asking them.


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I was recently at the dealer with my '13 1200RT and learned that there's a recall on the electrical switches on the handlebars. Sounds like this could be the problem.

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