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Room Behind Dummy Panels?


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I'm curious how much room there is behind the button panels on the left and right side of the RT. By "button panels" I mean where the radio actuation buttons are shown in this picture:




On the left side, the radio buttons take up a good amount of space, but I'm hoping there's enough room for me to add some permanent mount heat controllers. I got a good deal on a Gerbing's set, and I'd like it on the left since messing with temp knob is common in the winter.


On the right side I'd like to put 3-4 switches for my various aux lights and stuff.


Can anybody comment on what room is available under there?



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There is not much, but some room. You can catch glimpses of the left and right areas in this engine guard installation video in which the panels are removed:



The video also shows you how to remove the panels. I would suggest just pulling the panels and eyeballing the space yourself. Remove the two T25 screws securing the side panel under the nose, pull the lower "studs" out of their rubber grommets, and **carefully** pull the panel to the rear and up to disengage the rather fragile plastic tabs on the inside of the top panel edge out of their slots. All shown in the video.


EDIT: I've been thinking about dropping the permanent controller switches in the area in above/in front of the radio buttons -- mentioned to let you know there is enough room for that to be "doable."

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Under the right panel is the access to the liquid cooling system. Seems to be lots of room in there. I have not taken off the left panel yet.


As to the warning about the removal and replacement, if you get either panel off successfully without breaking the tiny tabs on the back part of the panel, be very, very careful as you replace the panel. My experience: 1) place little tiny tabs first, 2) then slowly ease the front part of the panel down so that the T25 bolts can be placed (up at 45-degrees or so), and 3) try to figure out how to get the two posts seated in the grommets. Lubrication might help with the last operation. If you break the tabs, I posted my description of a solution for a fix on the MOA Wetheads forum.

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I had the panel off today, the space should be fine to install the control I think but I don't have one to check. I went the easy way, wireless attached it to the top of the panel with Velcro.


I've had the panel off many times without any problem, its two screws, two push pins and the two tabs all easy to deal with. I had it off the speaker cover removed and the glove box out in no time today. Just do it a few times you'll see how fast and easy it really is.



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Yes there is room for a variety of things. Checked out the Son-in law's bike. He has a few switches and power outlet stuff scattered around.

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It's tight but I got my gerbing dual controller in the panel straight up from the radio buttons. It's a nice location with good visibility. The top knob does partially hide behind the handle bar but I just lean forward a little if I need to see it. I also put 2 power jacks in the blue painted fairing inside your left leg and can plug my jacket straight in to them. No extra wires to deal with.

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