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Rekeying older topbox key cylinder question - Help please


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I have an older 49L topbox, with the older type lock cylinder that has the pin inside to hold the wafers in place.


Can I use a newer lock cylinder, without pin for the wafers, in an older lock mechanism?


Just don't want the wafers flying out inside the cylinder once in the older box. By all appearances, it looks like it should work, but want to be sure.



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Well, I used the newer replacement lock cylinder, w/o pin inside to hold wafers (old style), and since it all looked exactly the same as the older pinned cylinder, I took a chance and installed into the older 49L case (2006).


Happy to say, for anyone else wondering if they run into the same situation, everything works well.



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The wafers won't be flying around anywhere really.

The pinned cylinder is one ordered by VIN by a dealer instead of having the lock cylinder kits on hand to key them as needed.


These also came with promo topcases when the case was given away as part of the sales incentive. The dealer ordered the case by deal or VIN number and it came already keyed.


As you found out, they are interchangeable.

Old? This type cylinder, meaning side cut came out in 2004 so .... old?



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