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Pair a Sena 20s with the C3 Pro SRC?

Dave Stephens

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davidtn I think you may have asked this in another forum as well, but I'm not sure. To make sure that you get your answer, I'll repeat what I've posted on some other forums.


I have a Schuberth C3 Pro and so does my wife. Both of us have the Schuberth SRC. I was going to take a class where they use the Sena for communication on the track between the Instructors and the students. The Sena advertised that with software upgrades they would have the ability to "Universally Pair" with any brand of Bluetooth. I had taken a private lesson from the head of a riding school and he had tried to pair his Sena with my SRC but they wouldn't pair. I was thinking of getting a used Sena with the intention of using it for the class and then going back to the SRC so that I could Intercom with my wife. Sena told me that with the latest software upgrade Universal Pairing was here! So I got the 20s and set about trying to pair it with my wife's SRC in the hopes that I would not have to switch back. But I was unable to pair the SRC with the Sena.


I spent a couple of months looking for the answer to this question. I called Sena Tech Support twice. They walked me through the procedure for pairing with a cell phone. This didn't work. They claimed that my Schuberth SRC was the cause.


I called Schuberth Tech Support twice. They walked me through the procedure for pairing with a cell phone. This didn't work. They claimed that my Sena 20s was the problem.


I called Revzilla Tech Support, figuring that since they sell both products, they wouldn't be pointing fingers at the 'other' product. They couldn't get it done. I let it sit for a few days, called back and spoke to John. John tried several things but they wouldn't pair. He said that they were scheduled for a meeting in that division and he'd ask the other Techies and then would call me back. He did call back the next day but still didn't have the solution.


About to give up and go back to the SRC after the class, I gave Sena one more call. This time I spoke to Tracy who walked me through the process of the pairing!


First turn on the Sena by pressing and holding the Jog Dial button (in the center of the Jog Dial) while you're also holding down the Phone Button (the one on the rear of the unit). You'll get a slow blinking blue light. It's now turned on.


Then put the SRC into phone pairing mode by pressing and holding down the "Mobile" button. That's the one between the two raised posts. When it turns on you'll get a slow blue blink from the buttons adjacent to the Mobile button. Then press and hold the Mobile button again, this time for about 6 seconds. When the lights change to a rapid red−blue−red−blue you're there.


Then you're going to put the Sena into "Universal Intercom Pairing mode." Up until this point, all the Techies had me putting BOTH devices into phone pairing mode and that's why nothing was happening.


Press the Jog Dial and hold it down (NOT the Jog Dial Button, but the dial itself) for 12 seconds. It may go through other modes, mine started playing music from my phone that it was linked to, but keep holding the dial down. You'll hear a beep after 12 seconds. Release the button and you'll hear the Sena say something like "Entering Configuration Mode."


Then turn the Jog dial clockwise until it beeps, it doesn’t take much, it will announce the name of the new menu item. Keep turning the dial clockwise a little at a time, until you get to "Universal Intercom Pairing." (NOTE: I think that you can turn the dial counterclockwise and get to this setting a little faster).


Your SRC will announce, "Phone paired" (or something along those lines). The red−blue−red−blue rapidly flashing lights alongside the Mobile button on the SRC will stop flashing and go back to the slow blue blink.


You're done. Thanks Tracy, please spread the word at Sena. I called John at Revzilla and told him the procedure, he said that he'd bring it up at the next meeting of the Tech section.


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