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Removing Batter Case r1150rt '04 --- Newbie to Board


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I am excited to be a part of your community!!


I am in the process of changing out the Clutch housing on my '04 r1150rt. I was using a video by Chris Harris and the Clymer manual to proceed through the steps but the video has been removed from YouTube and find the Clymer manual detail-less on this specific item... unless I have missed a page.


I am at a point of "how do I get this battery case out". Specifically I am dealing with the throttle cables on the bottom side of the case. This has been a process of slow and sure moving forward and am at a wall.


A bit of history on me. prior to my 25 your marriage I owned a Kawasaki 1100 LTD sold it when I got married. Almost 24 years later my wife came to me and said it was time for me to get a bike again... I almost asked the person I was talking to, "What have you done with my wife"... LOL


A good friend introduced me to his R1200RT 2012 and decided that was the bike I would look for. Since it was my first bike in years and I couldn't afford the 15k + price the '04 was perfect for me.


I like working on auto's and had worked on my previous bike so I thought I would do the same on my '04 rt. I am glad I am because I have found several areas on the bike that need rust prevention. Plus I really like to know how things work, in case they stop working... :)


I have reviewed several threads within this community and have really appreciated the information. I am looking forward to getting to know you all!


Grateful to be here





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