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Dynacycle Oil Site - Opinions Solicited


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Hi Guys-


I *think* this belongs in the "gear" section but feel free to move it if it doesn't....


For about 12 years now, I have used Dynacycle Oil in my air-cooled bikes which call for 20W/50. I recently helped my friend (and owner of Dynacycle) redesign the company's website to bring it up to date, including an online store where full oil change kits can be purchased. There are still some niggling things I need to correct here and there, but it's coming together. I'd appreciate if you guys can look through it, and see if you have any suggestions or constructive comments that I can use to fix / improve things before the "official" launch.


This product mainly caters to the Harley crowd (so keep that in mind when making suggestions,) but can be used in any motorcycle which calls for 20W/50 weight of the API/JASPO standards listed. Personally, I've probably got about 70,000 Harley miles and well over 100,000 BMW Airhead / Oilhead / Hexhead miles on this oil over the years, and I'd like to see it succeed.


Any comments appreciated.





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More of a navigation issue than content.


'Home' should be consistent regardless of where you are. Although I understand the potential reasoning, its not intuitive to understand the shopping app 'Home' link is for the home page of the shopping app, not the site home as it is for every other link.


Yes, there's this Return to Dynacycle Oil link, but I actually didn't see it at first as I had focused on Home and it didn't take me where I expected. Maybe its just me :Cool:

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Morning MKL


I realize it is geared up towards Harley owners but there is nothing on those web pages that would make me choose that oil over Mobil 1 or Amsoil. (both long proven products)


For me (or most of my educated riding friends) to even consider that oil it would take some independent test data showing that oil product excels in the areas that I consider important.


There is a little comparison data on the web site but noting done by a credible 3rd party with an oil testing/rating history.


I know I'm probably not the typical buyer of that product but there was nothing on that web site that would make me change my present oil product purchases to that product.



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Thanks DR. You are correct in that you are far, far away from the target market. If I were designing a site for "people like us," meaning the type that reads this forum and thinks more in "objective data rules" terms, it wouldn't read the way this site reads.


It's funny, honestly. I posted this site here, at some Harley forums, and at a Guzzi forum. Here, there's not enough objective, independent, scientific evidence to sway you (or me either, if I had no experience with the product.)


At Guzzi, nobody cared either way.


At Harley, there was "TOO MUCH" objective, independent, scientific evidence. They were upset that there was no "user testimonials" section (which to you and I are more worthless than tits on a bull.) They were equally upset that the oil change kits only show chrome oil filters and not black ones. Otherwise, they are happy. Lots of positive comments on the appearance and navigation. They're just craving the opinion of Joe Bob the Testimonial Writer instead of what some "scientific lab" thinks. Go figure..... But it seems as if I've written it to target.


I'm with you that independent third party testing is fantastic, and I too want to see more of it, but it's expensive as hell, so we'll have to do it as budget allows. We already have a 4 ball wear test, shear viscosity, and high temp testing. I'm wondering if there's other testing we can do that's not expensive - maybe a Blackstone Labs type analysis after 5,000 miles (Harley oil change interval) with Dynacycle vs. some other brands? Any other ideas?



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I used to work as a chemist in the oil industry. Personally I would love to see test results. But, in the real world virtually no one is going to be able to interpret the test results properly.


I agree with you that User testimonials are completely worthless. But, when it comes to oil, everyone stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. People buy oil based on worthless information. They really have no other option. So, user testimonials will probably help you sell your product.


As for technical information, I would state whether it is dino oil or synthetic. If it is synthetic, that it does have seal swell. That it meets API ratings. That it is formulated for motorcycles (not that it means anything). You may want to mention certain additives that you use. I wouldn't get into ZDDP, Coefficient of Friction values, ash values, etc. I would post any logo images of certifications you have received. Like API logo.


I understand how important test results are internally. But, the public just is not capable of interpreting the results properly. I wouldn't post them.


Personally, the kind of oil I would use in an Airhead would be different then what I would use in an Oilhead, and different then what I would use in a Wethead. In the future, you could create specialized oil for different models. That would sell well. BMW created one type of oil that is suppose to work in all BMW's. That is just crazy. But, people are dropping $20 bills on a quart of the junk. I think it is going to blow up in their face sooner or later. I see it as an opportunity for a smart oil company.

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Well said. Honestly the level of understanding here is so much "different" than the target audience, that it's almost a pointless discussion. The crowd I'm selling to actually puts user testimonials (which for all they know were written by me or by some Joe Blow know-nothing) above all else. I thought it was crazy, but that was the #1 complaint.


The Harley crowd is very, very different. I know many of you own Harleys, but none of you were in the forums when I owned mine. That's for damn sure. I was VERY out of place there. It's nothing like this, and so the way you market to them has to appeal to them, and what appeals to them is in many ways not what appeals to us. They talk about oil endlessly, and yet an enormous majority in my forum rides less than 5,000 miles per year. Very, very different.



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You are asking the sort of people who require evidence to instead pretend that they are foolish enough to prefer user testimonials, and rate the site on that basis. That may not work too well ;)


BTW Avast is reporting the site has a malware infection of some sort. Not sure if it is just a false positive but fyi...

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