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Mini Relays for R1100 RT


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The four identical mini relays in my 2001 R1100RT are the same part number, 61361393412. They're used for Load-Shed, Horn, Fuel Pump and Motronic.


When I do a part search for this part it comes up not found. Looking at the current parts fiche, it shows four of part 61 36 6 902 041. This relay is yellow, the 412 relay was black. I know BMW makes part number changes all the time, but usually they show the old number and show that it was superseded.


Can someone confirm that this 041 relay ($19.41) is the replacement for the black 412 relay?

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Afternoon Michaelr11


Those 61361393412 relays are used in lots of BMW automobiles so are about everywhere.


I just bought 10 a while back on E-Bay for $3.98 ea.


Usually the 61361393412 relay is also all over E-Bay for $8.00-$9.00.

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