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Another SENA 20s Review

KTM Doug

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So my neighbor asked if I had time to showhim some of Colorado, hence "Bucket List 2" was started. He decided that we need communicators for fun. Now I had some 20 years ago and the were crappy. We never used them again. I decided to go along for fun and get one. We both bought Sena 20s.


Now, the only reason I bought one was for bike/bike communication. I don't need any of the other features except maybe answering the phone. Most of my riding is and used to be where no cell works. I don't listen to music when riding as I find it too distracting. I hooked up with a friend the other day and they were ok as long as we kept less than 500' apart, or nothing. They then started beeping every 30 seconds or so in our ears. No where in the instructions tells us what the beeps mean but we kind of guessed.


My neighbor's arrived and we connected this weekend. He headed down our street on his old Honda Trail 70 and about 6-7 houses away he was gone. What the heck? Straight street. Then he headed around the corner from my house toward his house and he disappeared fast, maybe 300'. So, Sena's data says 1.2 miles in open terrain, but we should get more than .15 miles going down a straight street with no houses blocking the signal. I then found a Youtube video where someone placed a unit on a fence post in the desert and in open space he lost signal at 1/4 mile. What the heck?


We are hoping that maybe when we get to Colorado they work better, but we doubt it. We hope we get a surprise. So my rating:


Stuff I don't want it to do: 8

Stuff I bought it for: 0 :(


Hopefully I can up the rating after the trip but for now we feel we each maybe wasted $250.

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