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Zumo 590

Steve Kolenda

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Steve Kolenda

Anyone have a Garmin Zumo 590? I recently traded in my Zumo 665 for the 590 and for a GPS that is suppose to be readable in direct sunlight I find the screen to be a very disappointing washout totally lacking contrast. I'm hoping that I have a defective unit but I suspect that is not the case.

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It's not the case. Garmin went to a "transflective" display with the 590 which reflects sunlight back through the display. Yes, the colors looked washed out, but personally I find I can at least *read it* now in direct sunlight where I couldn't read the 660 without some sort of sun shade.


Personally, I prefer the display on the 590.


That being said, the BMW Nav V unit uses a non transreflective display more like the older units. Features are very similar to the 590. You may want to have a look at one of those instead.

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I just bought a 590 this past spring. I have found that using polarizing sunglasses doesn't work well with the 590 screen. If I use regular sunglasses it works far better.


Also, don't forget that you have a lot of choices of Map Themes, under Settings>Map & Vehicle. You can probably find a color combination there that works better for you.

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. . . I find the screen to be a very disappointing washout totally lacking contrast.

I too found this when I first got the 590. I had only been familiar with a Garmin Nuvi in the car that had brilliant colours; but when I mounted that on my bike the screen's glass was too glossy for outside use, even with the display turned up max.

I have gotten use to the 590 and the bike-specific features make it worthwhile.

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Morning Steve


You might try a non reflective screen protector as those can drastically reduce reflections.


I don't personally have a 590 but do own a GPS with similar screen & using a non reflective screen protector really helps me see it in the sun.

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