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My Light set up!


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The PIAA 004Xi Ion Crystal Yellow driving lights are very good. I'm very happy with my light set up now. I added my new PIAA 004Xi Ion Crystal Yellow driving lights. Yep, this will be all the light that I need.


I'm very happy with the lights at 4am in the morning. We have lots of deer and antelope here. So, I can see now! Here is low beam and high. No complaints from on coming traffic this week, so my aiming is not to bad. The PIAA 004Xi Ion Crystal Yellow driving lights are very much like my old PIAA 1200s from my 04 RT. All my lights are now LEDs except for the PIAA 004xi. I also have both head light bulbs LEDs. So,no issue with power from the battery. The head light bulbs IMO are better then HIDs and has very good light out put. I have HIDs in my car and truck. The lights are from Cyclops, http://www.cyclopsadventuresports.co...bulb_p_86.html . My auxiliary lights are Long Range Optimums also from Cyclops, you can see way down the road and spot deer. They come on full power with the high beams. http://www.cyclopsadventuresports.co...ound_p_10.html . The best light is still the PIAA 004xi driving lights. I love the Ion Crystal Driving, You can see me and I can see every thing! I adjust all my lights, so I get NO complaints from on coming traffic. Yes I dim them from high to low as needed. 6a443b03cfc88fedd86c277737ad7e44_zpsdd45vahq.jpge2058f5a309059d546cc5803842a597c_zpsnqj2hgmb.jpg

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Nice job, dude!! I'm a big fan of the Rolling Wall of Light theory, as well.


Also, I dig the stickers. Oddly enough, I'm wearing a Three-Oh-Seven t-shirt my little sister got me. I grew up just outside of Casper.


Ride safe, bud!

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No doubt this will automatically qualify you for a free one year membership to Debby Boone's fan club. ;):grin:




BRIGHT!! :thumbsup:




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