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removing radio


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Sure this is an easy question for you. My 03 1150rt radio isn't working properly and I would like to remove it, but the last time I looked at the back of it ,I didn't see an easy way of disconnecting the wires. Shouldn't there be a jack or clip on/off harness ? Trying to avoid the old wire clippers. Thanks.

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This should probably be in the Oilheads section, since it's specific to the 1150RT.


It's been so long since I removed mine, I'm not sure if I'm remembering properly, but as I recall there ARE connectors in the wires, but they're outside the radio box/glove box and are cable-tied onto the front fairing subframe. After removal, you'll want to fill in the big hole in the glove box, or get a non-radio replacement one. I think I used layers of duck tape from both the inside and outside of the box to seal mine, and it's worked fine.


I've still got my radio, which was working when I removed it, stashed in a box in the garage (along with the speakers and probably the antenna). Never got around to selling them.

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Afternoon joeb


There is a very difficult to remove connector on the rear corner of the stock radio.


But as Bill mentioned you are better off unplugging the radio at the harness connectors under the radio box as that gets the radio wire harness pigtail completely out of the radio box & allows it to be then used as a glove box.

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