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Brake Failure Light on 2013 R1200RT


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Changed tires on a 2013 R1200RT today.


Took the bike around the block & "Brake Failure" flashing light came on & is staying on.


Rechecked everything; can't find an obvious cause.


Does the 2013/Camheads call for an automatic fault code reset?


Any suggestions welcome!

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Afternoon Mike


Check the wheel speed sensor wires for rotor contact & check the ft brake rotors for bent teeth on the tone ring.


Especially look for the front speed sensor wires rubbing on the L/H brake rotor.


If problem right after a tire change then usually a stretched speed sensor wire, or bent tone ring tooth.

Or a damaged front speed sensor if the wheel tone ring or brake rotor slammed into it upon front wheel removal.

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I do hope it is something as simple as DR suggests


In my case I was a bit too enthusiastic in opening up the the pads when refitting the front caliper and have apparently damaged the ABS modulator with fluid backpressure. A piece of black tape now conceals the brake failure warning text while I save up the pennies to have the pump reconditioned (brakes work just fine otherwise)

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Dirtrider nailed it, as usual. :thumbsup:


Speed sensor "pinched" between fork & brake housing, removed/reinstalled & all is right with the world.


Interestingly enough the sensor wire was "clipped" inside the fork. I looked at an older 2005 RT & the wire was run outside the fork & zip-tied to keep it from flapping around. So that's what I did here & everything now works properly.


Thanks as always,



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