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[Rant on]


I want to mount a tank bag that doesn't touch the tank. So I need a ring adapter.


They all use the two top screws that hold the hinge in place.




But mine looks like this:




Notice I don't have two screws holding the hinge, I have two small metal posts over which slides the black plastic piece that holds the hinge. A completely different design.


Here is a link to the install PDF. Notice step two shows the two screws removed from the OEM ring and installed on their adapter.


Tank bag ring adapter


Grrrrrrr................. :dopeslap::dopeslap::dopeslap:


Of course all of the vendors insist their product will work because of their table showing the make and model. But from the pictures above, it is obvious that they won't work.


Part changes during a model year are a PIA.


Of course, I could buy a new one with the screw mounting for $172.76 and then an adapter ring for $76.95 for a total of $248.71 and still have to buy a bag! :cry:


[Rant off] Going to coffee. :wave::clap::thumbsup:

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