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Fuel Guage Question


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I finally got the fuel pump and fuel strip replaced in my R1200RT. Thankfully they were warranty work. At the time of the replacements, the Dealer re-calibrated everything and stated, "it will take a couple of tank fulls of gas for the remaining miles to adjust." Well it has been a couple of tank fulls and the gas gauge shows either full or 1/2 full and the miles to go is always over 300. How long should I expect this will continue or is this worth taking back to the dealer now?

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After replacement of the fuel strip, my gauge showed empty all the way on the 35 mile ride home even though I had more than half a tank. I stopped and filled the tank near home and it showed full. Been okay ever since. Sounds like something is amiss with your replacement or the replacement procedure.

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Panhandle Chuck

Had 4 on my GSA, my two cents, run your tank down to the final flashing bar or guesstimate from full based on previous rides, on an RT say 250? Once done, fill it up, repeat.


Also, when the knuckleheads are calibrating, calibrate it full and have them fill it, run the tank to as near as empty as possible, then fill. It's been my experience that any electrical work or surge in electric power usually leads to a new fuel strip!



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