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I found a pair of Ohlins shocks for sale on this web site/forum. After discussing bikes etc with the seller, John D, we agreed upon a COD transaction. I received them last night and they are exactly what he stated they are, brand new in the box. The reason I am posting this is because you hear so many bad stories about transactions from the internet, that I had to post a good one. I talked with John D and his story felt real. He and I talked about bikes and I just had a feeling everything was straight up. He is a good guy and his health is keeping him from riding. All I will add is, thank you John D for the shocks and talking with you. I wish you all the best. May you ride again soon.


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Always good to hear about a properly done transaction.


I have bought so many things from our Classifieds I can't always remember them all. I even sold a couple of items. All transactions went very smoothly, just as yours did. :thumbsup:

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I also had a very positive transaction using this site...I posted an ad in the classified section looking for a tank bag for my R1150RT. 'Thomas' replied and we exchanged a few emails, I mentioned an upcoming trip to Ireland and expressed concern that it wouldn't arrive in time. He offered a few other articles that he had for the RT that he thought I might be interested in. I asked for an updated shipping cost with the extra stuff, next email was to tell me everything had been shipped to me, if there was something I didn't like or want, we would straighten it out later. I couldn't believe it, we hadn't even discussed the actual transaction at all. I sent the paypal payment that night and crossed my fingers. I checked my mail daily, the package arrived at my postal box the day of our departure, I was delighted to say the least. Thank you BMWST and Thomas, it's a pleasure to do business with honest folks.

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First we DO have great members on this forum. Second, we sometimes get flak from new members because our Classifieds work differently than they do on so many other forums. Quite often, there, they allow negotiations to take place openly, others to chime in and comment about the product being sold, its price, etc. All of which deflect focus that the two people involved in the transaction need to have in order to ensure that each's interests are being properly represented.


Sometimes people forget that this board has been online for 16 years, and in that time it has been in the hands of some very dedicated individuals. Cary Littell, David Baker and Leslie Edmunds have had a lot to do with shaping the board and its policies, including that employed in the Classified section. Today, the ownership and management team benefit from their experiences and wisdom, while we move to expand the board's appeal in other areas. How-To, which will grow to be our own repository of rider wisdom. MotoPhoto which gives our members a focal point (no pun intended) for their motorcycle photography. The new Vendor Forum, which will put us in closer contact with those who manufacture and sell the accessories we desire. Just to name a few.


This board is a form of living thing. It needs to grow, develop, get better, explore new ideas and excise that which holds it back. When we hear that a member had an excellent transaction experience in Classifieds, that they spent time privately discussion the sale with the other party, making certain they both felt comfortable before committing money or product to the process, it helps reinforce the hard work that so many people have put in over the years. As much as the current Team is devoted to this place, we should also be appreciative of the past owners, their commitment, and the caring and giving moderators and admins who have donated so much time to ensuring a welcome place to call our sport-touring home.

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I've bought and sold here. Shipped before getting payment, paid before getting shipment.


Always had nothing but positive transactions.


I'm biased, but I think we have some of the finest BMW owners on this forum.


My most recent purchase took place with a handshake in Wisconsin! Watch out for the UN's, they can hurt your pocketbook!


And I would be remiss to not mention that Fernando is doing a great job of building on the work of the former site owners.



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