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First ride!


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My first ride with Dad today!!!! He took me out for a ride, we were gone for about half an hour and I had a great time. Dad said I did good leaning with him in the corners. I had a great time and I am looking forward to doing it again!!!!

Uncle Matt, thanks for sending us Nathans old gear!


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........and so the seed is sewn.

Well done, and here's to many happy hours and thousands of miles on motorbikes.



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I think I created a monster, we went out again yesterday and the comment when we got home was "I didn't mind the speed, the faster the better" UH-OH what have I done?!?

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Nice picture and a memory you will both remember forever! Keep him interested and in AGATT!

Keep us posted I am sure that we will all enjoy your son's journey! :thumbsup:

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