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Tiger 800


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I rode the XCX and was impressed to the point that a cold shower was necessary! :grin: Made my GS feel like a paint shaker in comparison. Do I want one? Heck yeah, but, I'd like one of every model out there so, don't go by me. ;)


I did like it a lot!



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Afternoon Richard_D


A couple of riders in my off-road group have them--I have ridden both & on-road they would make a nice commuter bike.


Off-road they basically suck- Both the bikes I am familiar with are also noticeably rusting on the fasteners & small brackets.


Nice looking bike though.

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The rusting would bother me. Can the fasteners be replaced easy and cheap enough as well as painting the brackets ? I test rode the xrx today and liked it a lot. I'm not looking for off road except an occasional flat dirt road. I just don't want a heavy bike any more.(like my RT, or a GS. )It's only 425 lbs . I think it would be a big upgrade from my 650 v-strom and if I can ride the v 500 miles in a day I should be able to do the same with this. I love the increase in power, smoothness and better suspension compared to the v. It also has a claimed 55 to 65 mpg. I'll be joining a forum and start reading to learn more.

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I bought a 2015 Tiger 800 XRX to replace my 2012 RT which I haven't sold yet. After about 1,500 miles on the Tiger, I'm seriously considering keeping the RT. I like the Tiger a lot and I believe it's actually better made than many BMWs I've owned. I'm just not sure I want to ride it cross country. However, we're still bonding.


Concerning the rusting issue, I noticed many of the bolts and screws are not stainless steel on the Tiger. I doubt rust will be a problem here in the desert and always keeping it in the garage, but it concerns me. It's been easy to work on.

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I have been riding the Tiger 1050 for about a year. Quite the beast, decent engine not bad fuel mileage. Not too heavy either which is something I liked, makes a good commuter. On the highway not as good as my 2002 RT for wind/rain protection and wife preferred the seating comfort. No issues with quality/reliability yet, but the dealer is much closer than the BMW dealer to me, if needed. The 800 felt a bit too small for me.

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http://www.totalmotorcycle.com/motorcycles/2016/2016-Triumph-Tiger-800-XRT.htm Looks like I'll wait for a 2016 . I like the options. I'm not planning on touring too much with this bike. Thanks for the reliability comment.


Morning Richard


I don't see spoke wheels being offered on the 2016 (maybe I missed it in my quick look). No spoke wheels really limit off road hard usage. Probably be OK for low speed off-road exploring type riding though.

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