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Will a 2005 oem topcase fit a 2014rt?


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Was wondering -


Can someone please let me know if a oem bmw top case from a 2005Rt will fit a 2014RTL?


I know some earlier years can, but not sure about a 2005.



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From what I know, the Hexhead topcase will fit, but it will not allow the "central locking" feature on the Wethead. Also, it cannot be equipped with the aux brake light like the Wethead. However, it is about $600 cheaper....., which in and of itself makes it twice as expensive as a Givi (which is larger, AND has the integrated brake light.)



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Panhandle Chuck

For what its worth, I helped put a '13 top case on a friends '15 to see if it would work. No problems, like MKL said, no central locking or high tail light option.

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Some answers and comments..


Right, I should share the info I found out.


I found in a google search, on another BMW forum, that the 2005-2009 top case will fit the 2014rtw.


Also, as MKL states, the 2005 case will not do central locking or have the extra lights. But I did find one for a very reasonable price, if still available, so will be OK with the that topcase as it will be a one key option. The Givi's are very nice and a good bang for the dollar but don't necessarily want the mounting bracket showing all the time as I'll use the top case on very small occasions.



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That's what I did.

Took my 2005 R1200RT's top case (the large one) and plonked it straight onto my new 2014RT-LC.

Zero adjustments or mods required.

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