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I need help in San Diego..


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I have this problem.

My dad who will be 99 this month lives in San Diego Del Cerro area and has two power tools , a Craftsman table saw and a Craftsman bench top drill press both good condition from the 50's that I want him to get rid of before he decides to saw or drill something and get hurt. He is willing to part with them but being old school thinks he should get some $$ for them.

CL doesn't work because he is afraid of unknown people calling


My plan is to find some honest member from here who could use said items and I will send them money to give "Pops" so he thinks

he got something for them.

End result is member gets free tools for just picking them up and my Dad has a little WAM.

Who's interested.???

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Wish I could help, great idea, and I know there are some great people out on the left coast that will come thru for you.

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Maybe he could donate them to a high school shop class and take a tax right-off instead? Maybe they are too old. Maybe they don't teach shop anymore. :/

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Yes the tools are old and lack newer safety features but are of

the solid quality you can't find today. That saw finished out an attic and a basement with knotty pine tongue and grove solid wood.. The drill press is cast iron!! I remember "Borrowing"

it once and somehow I muscled it up from the basement. I couldn't

do that today. :P

Dad was a Physicist and over 40 years he did all kinds of neat

stuff with the Navy in the degaussing dept, 2 patents, and

then with Western Electric where he got 4 more patents on

various things he developed.

Our basement was THE fun place to be when we were kids.


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I'm in the San Diego area, but I can't use the tools. Let me know if there's some other way I can help.

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My brother is interested. He lives not far from Stan, but is not on this board. Will PM you with contact info.

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Thanks to Algover's brother the tools were picked up today. :clap:

Yes this is a wonderful board filled with great people

that can make things happen. :thumbsup:

Everybody take a bow.

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