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Oil level creeping up???


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I'm not sure what to think of this. I just turned over 7,100 miles on my 2015 RT and recently changed the oil and filter (OEM) at 6,000. So...I have 1,100 miles on this change. I put in exactly 4 quarts and the level was right at the top mark after running it for a while and letting it sit. Now it seems to be creeping up. Should I drain a little out, or is it not high enough to be a concern? I've attached a pic.

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Can't see the pic.


A couple questions: How long did you run it after your refill, and how long did you let sit after shutdown?


Was the oil hot warm/hot when you looked again?


Oil has a pretty good thermal expansion coefficient, so the level will be different between cold and hot. The oil also has to be allowed enough time to drain back down to the sump.


On the initial fill, if the oil didn't reach full temperature (coolant temperature is not representative), the observed oil level would not be as high as a later viewing at full temp. Also, if the level observation was too soon after shut down, the level may not be accurate if there's still oil remaining to drain back to the sump.


If either of these conditions happened at the initial fill, the later observed level with fully hot oil would be higher.


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I typically check it after a longer ride, and it's usually a few minutes after I've put it on the center stand. It seems to be creeping up the last few days. I went out tonight and drained a little out. From what I've read about the oil level, it can't hurt anything, just help the way it shifts. I'll continue to monitor it.



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The concern is "what is adding to the amount of fluid in the engine"?. Not likely enough fuel is bypassing to add a notable amount. About the only thing that can do that is coolant. Have you checked coolant level? Likely that would cause a milky appearance to the oil check window. But beyond that, I don't know of anything that could increase oil level.

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Making oil is not a good thing. Don't panic and jump to conclusions. Always check your oil in the same manner. Levels are variable depending how long the bike sits. Fuel in the oil is a possibility but when the oil temperature gets up to normal operating temperature the fuel in the oil will turn to vapor and burn out. Coolant is another possibilty. If your coolant level drops significantly with no external leaks then I would look further into it. If it's under warranty take it in for evaluation or at least ask the techs at the dealership. There might be a simple explanation or they might instruct you on a different or better way to check the oil level.

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I would watch it very closely. If your coolant level is also dropping, it is likely coolant is leaking into the internal cavities of the engine. This can ruin an engine.

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I would suggest checking the oil level first thing in the morning before starting the bike. And do this for the next 5 days or so. The oil will be at ambient temps and predictable. Check with center stand or as directed in the manual. As others have mentioned, keep the checks at the same parameters to compare apples to apples... so to speak. While checking the oil, take the time to check the tire air pressure...also a good time to check in the morning.

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