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Clutch slave cylinder


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Just a "heads up" from a voracious forum reader, infrequent poster, with a 2012 RT at 26,000 miles, purchaed new. Several days ago my clutch lever became air bound and left me on the side of the road. Good news, only 2.5 miles from my dealer, MaxBMW, in Troy, NY.


Upon the service techs subsequent inspection, they note that one slave cylinder bolt apparently backed itself out and is totally missing. This caused the second bolt to take all the stress till it failed, breaking away but leaving its threads in the gearbox case. It left the slave cylinder in the breeze, swinging.


The motorcycle was, at the time, 3 weeks out of warranty. Lets see what, if anything, the mothership says. I'm prepared to send the assembly line a tube of Loc-Tite and I've got the feeling they'll be sending me a different product.


Assembly problem? We'll never know. There have been no other problems with this motorcycle, it's otherwise been exceptional.


Bottom line, forgive the informality, check yer nuts.

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Epilogue: I picked up my repaired BMW yesterday and it seems perfect. BMW and MAXBMW - Troy stepped up and this repair was without charge.


Tony in service and Gregg in parts kept me up to speed and informed. They made the unexpected repair in peak season with an already bursting shop schedule. This client is most pleased with his dealer and amazed that the pros at the dealer keep their sense of humor intact during the riding season madness.


Now to get some riding in.







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