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Biker has last laugh on road rage perp

Joe Frickin' Friday

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Was slightly disturbed by this, but also had a good laugh:




Video summary:

Biker lane-splits next to a car (illegal where he is). At next traffic light, driver exits his car and assaults the rider. This is an instance of extremely poor judgment, because:


  • the rider is still wearing his FF helmet, so the punches do more damage to the perp's hand than to the rider's face;
  • the perp turn out to be an inept pugilist, and is promptly pinned to the ground by the rider;
  • the perp also happens to be drunk;
  • the rider is wearing a GoPro camera that records the entire incident.

Considering the fact that the perp also took a swing at the rider's girlfriend, the rider showed amazing restraint in merely pinning the perp to the ground while waiting for the police to arrive.

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Yeah, kinda hilarious. The guy's doing his worse and the total damage amounts to 'stop, you're annoying me.' :grin: Very drunk or very stupid, most probably both. It's good that this guy got taken off the road that day, maybe one of the few occasions where lane splitting perhaps saved the car driver's life.

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Gee! Bad luck for the road rage guy. :Cool:




Actually good luck for the guy! Perhaps it saved him form a much more serious accident down the road with his blood alcholol level!

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Plenty of nutjobs out there, drunk, doped up, or sober.... This story ended well, relatively, but I worry about my wife out there commuting by herself, on the bike, in the dark....


It's exactly why we usually have our CWPs (although HI doesn't allow it). We also have some pepper spray velcroed onto the bikes.


Call me paranoid, but that's just me..

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I saw this on another forum. I think it was in Yuma. That motorcyclist showed a lot of restraint, but he was recording the perp and himself, so he had to. From what I understand, the guy was drunk.

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Matthew Miller

Hilarious video, however you would not catch me riding in between lanes of traffic even if it was legal. But hey that is just me not wanting to hit a car. I teach Martial Arts and the guy on the bike definitely used the proper amount of restraint however I would not just sit on his chest and hope he can't role me off. It is amazing what a drunk angry person can do when they want to. The man should have been rolled face down to keep him from struggling. Glad the biker did not have to hit him, that is always the last resort. I hope I can show that much restraint if something like this ever happens to me.

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