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2015 Alps Trip


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On July 3rd, several friends took a little trip to Motorrad Days in Garmisch and continued on to an incredible eight day ride through 5 countries over some of the most awesome passes in the Alps.


Day one was a boring day for the most part. We slabbed it all the way down to the Austrian border before we picked up some twisties to our Gasthaus. We stayed there for two days.


The Zugspitze - the highest mountain in Germany




View from our hotel the first and second nights:




We rested well that night, eager for Motorrad Days on the 4th as well as the highlight of that day's ride, Eng Alm.

We even took a little dip in a glacial stream. Holy cow, the water was cold....but, I submerged twice. Later that afternoon, I would be begging for cold again.







Engalm Alpenpark Karwendel.










Motorrad Days - It was so hot in Garmisch we didn't stay long. It must have been close to 100 degrees.




Looking like tourists on the way to dinner.




Day 3 coming shortly...

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Day Three, 05 July:


I forgot to add the routes. These are a little different than the actual route we ended up taking throughout this trip but they are close.

Days one, two, and three:








Our first stop was at Sylvensteinsee. My pic didn't really do this shot justice....that will be a recurring theme :(





We stopped by a town that is pretty famous in Germany. Seems a pretty good action series is shot here....it's quite beautiful in this little town as well.




My buddy, Steve, seen with the nice camera two photos up, took this and some of the better shots during this trip.




We took a break at Königsee, Berchtesgaden. More very cold, but extremely refreshing, water.








We set up camp for the evening near Salzburg




and tested out the local brew.





No 5h!t, there I was....telling campfire stories.




Day four, 06 July, in a bit.



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Danny caddyshack Noonan


Traveled some of the same roads a couple years ago right at Oktoberfest. No heat, no bike, missed a few views due to clouds and rain. Still loved it.

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Day four, 06 July.


Today is a 'warm up' for passes to come later our fearless guide tells us.




The main pass today is Grossglockner.










We then passed into Italy. The one-lane road is only open to enter during one 15-minute timespan every hour. It's the same going up.




We went swimming here to cool off. COLD water.








Fun roads




And another night of camping.






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Guest Kakugo

Oh yes, I forgot to mention we have a little heat wave down here.

Actually make that a full blown drought: I spend most of my spare time watering the garden.


And yes, heat down in the valleys can be nigh on unbearable. They are Nature's ovens. ;)

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You guys don't know heat :-)

But if temperatures keep rising in Germany, you might have to start thinking of installing Air-conditioning.

That would have to be a new experience for Germany LOL

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Beautiful happy snaps. Was in Garmish last week staying at Edelweiss for vacation. I think I've found my retirement lair :clap::clap:

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Spectacular. We loved Garmisch on a visit, we have a lot of exploring left to do around there.


Thanks for the pics.



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Days five and six kind of ran together....WOW!







These two days we hit about 10 or 11 passes. I cannot remember them all but all were incredible. Gavia was supposed to be a warm up for Stelvio..I think our guide had them reversed. It was more like a paved goat trail than anything else. We took it slow and easy through the weather straight up the side of a mountain.


Click on the below picture for a video










This is the top of Gavia





Stelvio was next. Fortunately, we hit it early and there was only minimal traffic...the rain/sleet/snow/whateverthatweatherwas may have kept the tourists at bay.








View of our camping area...I think was before we hit Stelvio and went back into Switzerland but cannot remember. I think I was suffering from too much stimulus overload.



I do not remember this pass but I think I took it this day..






Tomorrow we meet up with Peter Iten...a kindred spirit whose home is in the heart of the Alps.

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Today, we assaulted Gotthard, Nufenen, Grimsel, Susten, and Klausen passes. In a word, WOW!





It was a little chilly but was much preferred over the stifling heat in the valleys.













After meeting up with Peter, the first place we went was Gotthard. Originally built by the Romans, it was an interesting gem that is now bypassed by a new road and tunnels.



You can see the new road near the top of the photo.






At about 800 euro a person, you can be treated like royalty. This horse team takes folks up and over the Gotthard Pass from Andermatt to Airolo City




Gotthard Pass





Susten Pass









Klausen Pass






Grimsel Pass




If you look closely at the lower right corner, you'll see a steam engine chugging through the pass.









Oberalp pass




Nufenen Pass












Cool glacier







Along about now, I've hit sensory overload. There is something breathtaking around every corner, over every pass.







Don't forget to share the road....






Last night on the road. We're starting to get a little silly.








This one says it all





Thanks to Steve, Wayne, Birgit, my wingman - Andreas, and Peter for making this a most excellent adventure. And thank you for letting me take you along.



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We just missed each other, I was at Neuschwanstein on the 17th

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Tewks, thanks for the compliment. I'll pass it on to the others that contributed photos.


Gunny, too bad our paths didn't cross. Good beer and better stories would have been had.


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Gunny, too bad our paths didn't cross. Good beer and better stories would have been had.


Da, twas a great trip and my first to the Garmish area,....I'll continue to check USAjobs for a nice billet for myself in that location.


Just wished I had a bike to ride while I was there, woulda been good!!

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If you look closely at the lower right corner, you'll see a steam engine chugging through the pass.


Stunning. Easily the nicest riding pictures I've ever seen on this site - absolutely envious. Just one question though...


Who is going to admit that they got passed by a bicyle rider amidst all of those twisties?!! ;)

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Thank you, it was a ride of a lifetime.


You jest but those bike riders are like the little engine that could....they just don't stop. We passed a slew of them riding up Stelvio we were finishing lunch when they made it to the top. And going down hill, they hit at least 40mph through the switchbacks. I think they are nuts.

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It was a fantastic trip! I loved taking all the photos and just wish I had a camera built in to my head to snap all my favorite spots because there were a TON of them.


Favorite Pass: Gavia

Flat out funnest pass: Susten Pass (the license killer, boy it was FAST!)

Best looking pass: Gavia. It was just like being in a damned "Lord of the Rings" movie.

(close 2nd): Tough, but I liked Klausen Pass. Old race track on the back side and cows everywhere plus some really stunning glaciers.


Coolest moment of the trip: When a Swiss Rescue Helicopter suddenly appeared out of the thick fog at less than 100 feet off the ground (30 meters) and flew right past us at a good speed! It was incredible!


Many many other memories...


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Guest Kakugo
Wish I had the gopro on when that helicoptor came out of the fog. It looked like a scene out of a movie.


Just be sure it doesn't catch any embarrassing moments. Earlier this year I literally blasted past a couple of French riders in the Gorges d'Ardeche in Marquez-fashion. They both had action cameras on.


I stopped at one of sightseeing areas at the end of the road to have my lunch and after a while they arrived. They timidly waived at me and then proceeded to tinker with their cameras, presumably to delete the moment an RT loaded with wine bottles blasted past them on the twisties. :rofl:

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Oh, but to catch a skilled rider in action passing me is something I'd tell tales about for a while...especially if you were spitting rocks through the switchbacks. It is fun, though, playing with the sport bike guys from time to time.


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Believe it or not, when the wife and I went over Gavia Pass, we passed a small motorhome-- on the outside. I thought she was going to kill me-- I couldn't believe they took that thing over that pass!


Glad you guys had a good time-- Next time do the same passes in the other direction. It will be a whole new experience.


Arizona Al

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Al, I'm sure you got an earful after that maneuver. Going up, I recall thinking, "boy, that's a long way down". Fortunately, we didn't have anything in front of us going up. After the photo shoot, a car did come up the side and graciously waited to let us go up first. He didn't speak English and we didn't know Italian....except for "grazie".

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Sweet!! It is a beautiful pass. Still going through and receiving pictures from friends on the trip. Here's some more from Susten Pass. These were shot from a friend's GoPro pointing back at us. I'm behind the RT.















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Dave, I've been reading and looking at your great pictures.


I just packed up my moto today and will pick it up in Maryland in late September. Looking to meet up with some of our East Coast brothers/sisters in the 2-3 years I'll be stationed there.

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Awesome photography! :thumbsup:



+1 :thumbsup:


Not sure if it's appropriate to +1 yourself, but, I'll take the chance. :grin:






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Wow, WoW, and WOW! Can't believe I missed this until now ... and now you're back. What a trip! Very envious. Veeery envious.


Perhaps one day Terri and I will find our way over there and over those same roads with that beauty all around.


Well ... know that the East Coast folks will welcome you at all our shindigs. We don't have that kind of elevation & spectacular beauty, but ... then again, it doesn't suck, either.

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I am definitely looking forward to meeting some of the hooligans on this side of the pond and riding some of the great rides here. If you do ever go to Germany/Austria/Switzerland, let me know. I can put you in touch with some folks I know there who will show you some special places.

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