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Transmission parts - want to sell, need $ idea


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I have transmission parts from an m94 transmission (96 r1100). I'm hoping to sell the parts but I can't find any resources for prices.

I don't want to overprice them but I also want to get a decent price.


Before I post in the classifieds, I could use some help understanding the value of the parts.


I had my mechanic look at it. He said they looked great for a 40K transmission. There's a little chamfer at a place or two on the gears, but not on the teeth.


Any help is appreciated.


Here's the link to the picture folder:

1996 R1100 transmisson m94

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Afternoon BrotherMotif


Not really sure what you are trying to sell here-- All I see is some gear teeth.


You need to make a list of EXACTLY WHAT & the condition of the items you are selling.


Even then (most) M-94 parts are not worth a lot by themselves.

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Input shaft might be worth something, but the other two not much due to lack of undercut dogs. As i am in Europe i cannot really comment on your prices, here i would say 100-200 Euro (input shaft). Again, as DR says, you need to find out which model you have exactly, there were hybrid boxes with sealed bearings at the end of 94 production time, i have a 96RT and it had one of them. Other parts should sell too if in good nick but no idea what price. What i always do is check prices of similar stuff on ebay and decide

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As above, if it's an M94 the input shaft has some value (assuming it is in good condition), otherwise it's mostly a paperweight.

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