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Any special servicing to do for 2011 R1200RT bike at 70k miles?


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There were always things to service or adjust or lube on myu R1150R, but not so much on the 2011 R1200RT.


But with 70k miles, I'm wondering if there are any things that would help prevent problems and increase service life beyond what is officially recommended. i.e. greasing DS to FD splines, whatever.


After a couple early FD seals, the bike has been basically trouble free until a recall fortunately just replaced all the handlebar switches. The cruise, hi beam, and turn signal switches were all acting up.


Thanks for any tips that are widely accepted as being good to do.

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Good for you..

I'm calling it a day January 1, 2017...should I live that long (knock wood).


Currently, I own a couple of LC 1200s. Not really crazy about them. I liked my Cam-heads and my oilheads better than my new LC.

The older ones are not as edgy, but they were more pleasant to ride (IMO).

Time will tell.


Maybe consider some good FI cleaner like Techron occasionally.

As far as maintenance for your '11, sure inspect and lube the spines, it's easy... Otherwise, clean oil, clean lube, clean filter and properly adjusted valves and you should enjoy many more miles.


Hope you do.



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