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Terry Adcock Seats


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I had Terry make a seat for my Weestrom. Sent the OEM seat to him and he shipped back the seat to me. Terry and his wife are riders so they understand the need of other riders. They listen to what the customer wants and respond quickly to all inquires.


It was on my bike at the UN and several people asked about it.


Here is a pic:




Sent him my OEM seat. He charged $250 and return shipping.


Seat was very comfortable. They will make it taller or shorter than stock. Various stitching patterns and cover designs.


Very good communication and it was delivered ahead of schedule.


I have no interest other than wanting to recognize folks who are trying to make a living in the MC world and running a small business.

If you wish to contact them here is their email address:


Terry's Custom Seats



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Bud, Does this seat kind of allow you to roll towards the rear seat pad(rise)? I'm sorry I didn't ask you to sit on it at the UN it looks comfortable. How would you rate the density of the seat foam?

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Not sure what you are asking exactly but if you mean can you move back to the edge of the passenger section, then yes.


I like seats that are firm, but not hard. I really liked the seat and will have Terry re-foam the Russell Day Long that was on Foots GS when I bought it. This winter when I can not ride will be the time to have that done.



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Thanks Bud. I think you nailed my concern.The seats I have, due to my size, and shorter arms kind of roll my hip forward and creates a pressure spot that is uncomfortable. I like a firm foam but not so much that it is like concrete. It sounds like it might accomodate my bum like an old style tractor seat with the hollows.

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I found out about Terry from Bud at the UN. Since Bud absconded with my Russell Day Long seat, as well as my GS, I needed a new seat. I called Russell and the build date would put me not having a seat dangerously close to the FART. The stock seat on my GSA would give me 10 minutes pain free. After that I was standing on the pegs a lot :P


I really needed a seat before the Riding Smart Class in early August. I called Terry and talked to him for a while. It turns out Terry's shop is 48 miles from my house. So Deb and I rode over to Manchester, TN. Terry works out of multi winged old trailer garage that was his mothers before she passed away. Working there it keeps his overhead low and he passes the saving on to his customers.


That said I told Terry I would like to have a seat by the Ride Smart. He told me he was booked to mid August but his wife always leaves him a few extra days in a month. He would have to check with his wife Deb who was out of town and due back Friday. On Friday he called me and told me there was not any free days till mid August except weekends. Then he said can you be here tomorrow. My reply was something along the lines of HELL YEAH :clap:


I got to Terry's at 9am on Saturday morning. He immediately asked what was wrong with my seat. My ass was screaming it SUX, but I toned it down and told him the problems. Slope in the back forced me into the middle of the seat and the whole seat slanted forward. Terry explains that he builds the bucket style seat, same as Russell. So into the shop we go.


He immediately shaves the sloped portion of the seat off and we take it out and puts in on the bike. There is no more pushing me forward. He say good and takes it off and goes in and starts to work. Normally he would require a picture and your info to build a seat. But since I was there he didn't need to do that.


He has multiple patterned for different width seats. We settled on a seat 18 inches wide, since I measure 16 inches across where the butt meets the seat.


He uses a dense foam to build the wings and adds height to the front of the seat, almost 1-1/2 inches to counter the forward slide I was experiencing. It was something to watch him work. He would add a half inch layer and shape it, add another and shape it, etc. After he got the shape he wanted he added two half inches layers of a really plush foam. Then he shaped it some more. Twice he gave me the seat and said go ride on it and see how it feels. First ride the nose was a little high. He removed some and off I went. This time it was a little low so he added half what he took off back, perfect!!


Pardon the fuzzy pictures. Terry is a wizard with that grinding wheels. You can see the seats shape starting to appear in the foam. On the finished seat you can see a few winkles. Terry says they will work themselves out with the seat in the sun to warm the vinyl.


I was amazed with the level of craftsmanship Terry puts into his seats. He does it all from start to finish. Eight hours later I had a seat and was on my way home. The 48 mile trip home was wonderful. My butt was no longer complaining and I was very happy.


Terry Charged the standard price of $250 for a single seat. I will later this year have him do the rear seat to match the front.


I am very pleased with his work.








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