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BunBurner 1500 Ride Advice

Dave Stephens

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Dave Stephens

Has any of youse guys ever done the BunBurner 1500? I completed my SaddleSore 1000 a couple of years ago so I'm used to doing the LD thing but I'm curious if any of you have any pointers that I may not have thought of.



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BunBurner or BunBurner Gold?


The Gold is one of the toughest IBA rides,keeping up average speed and time management are critical.Need average speed 62.5 mph for Gold vs 42 mph for BB1500.


Regular BunBurner just keeps you on Saddlesore pace for more hours.

My SaddleSore was over 1100 miles in about 22 hrs,so that left me 14 hours and less than 400 miles,if I wanted a BB1500.


The IBA 28 tips are your best resource,that and maybe calling ahead to your planned fuel stops,to make sure they are open when you need them.

Don't attempt on holidays,areas that may have heavy event traffic and check state transportation websites for construction or other delays.


Be flexible on your dates.If that storm or heat wave is passing thru,choose another day,unless you want to emulate thus years Iron Butt Rally entrants who endured multiple days of heavy rain interspersed with a few scorching days.



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When I did my 50cc, it took me 3 fuel stops before figuring out how much liquid to consume from my camelback. I learned to drink sparingly during the first 100 miles of a tank, at 150 was ok to drink more and after 200 (with 20-30 miles left) drink as much as I wanted. Also, eating beef jerky as you gas up is a good source of energy. Good luck!

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The IBA 28 tips are your best resource


Tried and true advice to be had here....


Since you've done a SS you know a bit about how your body and mind will respond to the stress of staying in the saddle. The difference between a BB and a BBG can not be over stated.


As suggested, have your strategy for dealing with the unexpected thought out (even to the point of rescheduling). Also, having a nutritional strategy is also important. To the advice provided here I'd add that you do NOT want to try anything new while on the ride. If you have to, bring everything with you on the bike and do not rely on your gas stops to provide what's needed.


And one last thought... give yourself permission to stop. During significant rides that entail more than a bit of effort, I identify my goals. First on my list is ALWAYS "Be Safe" - if I'm not safe nothing else will matter.


Good luck!


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And one last thought... give yourself permission to stop"


True words.


More than one member have halted at 940+ miles because it was the right thing to do.


Have fun, safe trip.

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You will have to ride fron tank to tank and only getting off the motorcycle when you must. I did not dismount until the 4th fill up which was about the 675-700 mile mark. We fueled, drank a small cup of coffee and were on our way. I did this with two other riders. That was one too many. It is constant riding for sure.


We left before sunrise and returne 23:15 later. It was a very long and challenging ride with very little room for error.


Good luck, be safe and know when you have had enough!

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... eating beef jerky as you gas up is a good source of energy


Maybe so, but it's also loaded with salt, which is a good source of dehydration. Stay away from it.


I learned on my 50CC to stay away from Vitamin Water, Gatorade, et al. High in sugar content, I was getting spikes & valleys in my energy. Once I figured out what was going on, I stayed with water the rest of the way & had no problems.

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