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July 11th over the Bighorn's ride.


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Ed Gourley and I took a ride up and over the Bighorns on dirt today. For me was a total of 368 miles with 120 miles of it dirt. We rode from Bighorn, WY over the top and down to Hyattville, WY then South to Ten Sleep,WY on dirt, all but the 11 miles on HW14. This route was one that I had never been on before, Oh was it cool. Any kind of condition anyone could ever want from hard pack gravel, loose marbley gravel. loose gravel with washboards, loose gravel with ruts, dirt, dirt with ruts, dirt with rocks, dirt with rocks and ruts, just rocks and I have to mention the 200 yards of 4" deep talcum powder sand. One of the best rides that I have had in a long time. Reason being the bike didn't get tired and decide to take a nap, so it was a good day. Stopped at the Medicine Lodge Archeology site NW of Hyattville. Pretty cool. Very nice facility. 57e8a61ca4cff322c366136a66499dd0_zpsqna0dcqk.jpg4337a4111d6cabe94b38168ddff66a1f_zpspjjswccj.jpg8ca4aecc7bbcfb3cab3788ab6753e6a2_zpsr5jpuljm.jpgaae73e0e0b1f16559f80602ad11bf1bd_zpsddh781i4.jpgd84b7658f985ec6f48660a2294a4fd28_zpsxzqqcm2w.jpg3cafa3bd0e79b751c85189af8ea64e7d_zpso043io8k.jpg063d4173eba2fdadae6705eec78a5e2f_zps68ar9rxo.jpg2839f4ddab26aeb7a1b6cf5b77b79b0e_zpsmnyszpix.jpg137c42e4dedf2754bb82a24142bd35e4_zps323jid3o.jpg83b708cb1b99ac20b9d942ade404f60f_zpskypleerj.jpg4958b495153386cee07412d002dec9ef_zpsci1nlsvw.jpg70a4eed8184862d4d58a9866c2775488_zpshw89rr3r.jpg8f76f02b77a7ad05a28151fdc0a26f65_zpskhhvknyy.jpgd408e15cce787332b31c2bf342feb0c9_zpsewafl9t4.jpg18d09ff9029d0316b39251aa9212ae6b_zpsv3xrmtll.jpgfb400c900327fcbc650754ea5061a460_zpstv9cxeua.jpg

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Nice pictorial, thanks for posting.


I don't spend much time here on the site, but when I DO visit and see stuff like this it's nice.


Truly BIG sky country there.



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We need to have a new thread category...? GPS routes.



I often see these beautiful tales and doubt I could find my way without some sort of guidance. Love to have the .gpx file for that trip.



Of course, I'm not usually savvy enough to know how to save tracks myself..... Base camp has been a steep learning curve. Thanks for the pics.

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