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Bill Murray

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Had lunch with a guy the other day on his way from Dallas to Billings (MOA) that rode one, said it vibrated more than a little. He was riding a wethead GSA.

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Bill Murray
Yes. You, apparently. :grin: Gorgeous bike. How do ya like it? :lurk:


Like it? Yes. But it has a couple of flaws.


The bad. The bike is buzzy. No doubt about it. The handlebars buzz around 5k. On the interstate, the left mirror shakes enough that I see double; the right mirror is not as bad, but is blurred. The buzz seems to be getting a little better as the bike breaks in, but I have no illusions -- this is the price to be paid for a performance motorcycle.


The good. This bike is a thrill to ride. GS ergonomics, intoxicating power, surprisingly good wind protection, and a better seat than was expected. And did I say thrilling to ride?


There are some things that BMW needs to refine. The headlight needs improvement. I quickly learned the side-to-side throw of the headlight was not very good when leaned over in a turn. And it is the typical stock brightness. I want to install a pair of aftermarket LED lights once a good mounting option is available. The clutch lever is stiff (cable actuated), has a long reach, and just feels cheap and out of place on a bike of this price range. The red model gets red panniers. The white model gets... grey panniers. Grey, really? Come on, BMW, you can do better than that.


Would I buy it again. Probably. I did not test ride a Ducati Multistrada, and perhaps I should have. I ahve read the Multi is more refined. But it is kind of exciting to be an early adopter of a good, high-performance BMW standard. I am hoping that enough of these sell to encourage the vendors to offer a good of range of aftermarket accessories.

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Cool. Thanks for the insights. As soon as you mentioned the buzz, I thought "The aftermarket will come up with something soon, hopefully." I see you have the same thought.


I've never been an early adopter of a new bike, or anything really. I'm kind of jealous! :/

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