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Major Service Reflections- Couple positive surprises


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First let me say that this site is and always has been invaluable.


2. The bike runs like a top. 70,000 miles. 11,000 since last major and almost 8000 from last minor service.


3. Clutch adjustment made HUGE difference in shifting. 6 mm of freeplay is the called for spec. Bike has never shifted so smoothly. I would recommend that others check theirs. I know shifting on these bikes is its own topic and art, however I believe some of the reason that so much attention has been paid to this is due to the fact that many people are riding with misadjusted and out of spec clutches. I know I was and used shifting technique to compensate. This quick adjustment is a game changer in smoothness and I find that for better or worse that the bike shifts more like a Honda.


4. Careful valve and TBS synch as usual surprises the hell out of me. You guys have taught me the system through online directions and at tech days. What can I say? Critical to a smooth running bike. Adjusted the rocker arms to the tightest spec that I could. The engine is quieter now. The valves have to be equalized with the same level of stiction. When balancing the throttle bodies I had to remind myself about holding the sheath of the knurled knob throttle adjuster. I Used a fan while adjusting and let the bike cool one heat cycle to synch the idle and mid range RPM's twice. This allowed me to check my first judgements and decisions. Basically I affirmed that the settings were just where I wanted them to be. The Twin Max works well!


5. The rear shock reservoir really needed attention. I had lost 3/4 of my adjustability on the pre load due to fluid loss. Don't know where the fluid goes?? This is a super quick refill and now I have full use of the range of pre load.


6. Did lots of other little pressing jobs too. Spooned on new tires. New rubber obviously makes a difference and the Pilot road 3 and 4's do not disappoint! Final drive oil was clean enough to cook with!! Fixed the plastic triangle by riveting new metal tab on. Retorqued left cylinder head due to previous head gasket change, cleaned the starter of gunk. Blah, Blah....


7. Happy to have had the time to do it. All in all the service took an inordinate amount of time to complete. That being said the experience was so satisfying and for the next +/-4000 miles or so I will get to reap the rewards of a sweetly tuned bike. Maybe it will last longer?


That's it! Thanks for all of the old posts, discussions and videos that are filling cyber space!





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About 40,000 miles ago, I came up with this solution to precise positioning of the free play adjuster, using a brass nut from a compression fitting:




I cut a slot down one face with a cutoff wheel, spread it with a screwdriver to slip past the cable, then squeezed it shut over the knurled fitting with a pair of pliers.

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Posts like yours make everyone here feel very proud. It's a great part of what this site is here to do. People come on as noobs, ask questions of our mentors, get answers, try stuff, learn, then start answering questions from newer noobs, and eventually they become the mentors. I've been seeing it for 16 years.


Glad this place has been of service. Pass it on.

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