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F800 GT engine question


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I rode an R60 for 55k miles. Air cooled was my only grievance. The F800GT would be good for me but am wary of the front to back layout. How does it compare to a boxer ? Don't want 1200cc but I do want the BMW feel.

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I haven't ridden that particular F, but did ride several a few years ago. Until I rode one, I really wanted one. Tried to figure out why I didn't want one after riding the first one by riding several more. Finally figured out: it doesn't feel like a boxer.


Which is not to say it's not a great bike - I really don't have any opinion on that. But, I would for sure say, if you're worried it might not "feel" right to you, only going out and riding it will answer that question.



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How does it compare to a boxer ? Don't want 1200cc but I do want the BMW feel.


I just bought a 2015 GT. Last Friday. Fully loaded. It doesn't feel like my RT. The differences are......


It's 150 pounds lighter (470 lbs.).

The fuel is carried lower so it's not as top heavy.

The stock windscreen is lower and my head isn't out of the wind/rain/snow/bugs/etc.

Same for my hands and legs, more exposed to weather.

Water cooled central radiator means more heat on me.

Less fuel but better gas mileage will still equal less range.

No jugs sticking out.

Did I mention that it's a whole lot lighter? :)


So no, it's not a boxer, it doesn't feel like a boxer, it doesn't look like a boxer. In my opinion if you want a boxer, buy a boxer. :)


If you want a fun smaller touring bike, test ride the GT. You might just like it. It has....


Reasonable seating height.

Good but not earth shaking power.

Handles well.

Cruises nicely at 80+.

Great gas mileage.

ABS, ASC, TPC, ESA, and more goodies to play with.

Side cases, top case, and tank bag options are available.

Lots of aftermarket options are available too.


The GT is intended to become my local riding bike. I'm keeping my RT for longer multiday trips. And I'm keeping my F650 for dirt riding. As I get older (I'm pretty old already) I anticipate that the RT will drift into retirement and the GT (or something like it) will become my ride of choice even on longer trips.







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I assume you are comparing the 2015 GT to the oil head RT. I think the WC RT is around 540 lbs. So about 70 lbs lighter. I had hoped the 800GT would come in at 450 lbs wet ready to ride. But still 470 is nice. As I get older (and I am pretty old already) I really value weight and comfortable ergonomics.

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I think the WC RT is around 540 lbs. So about 70 lbs lighter


Maybe dry, but lets be realistic, a bike without oil, water, battery, and gas isn't too useful.


From the BMW web site...


Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled (90%) 604 lbs (274 kg)


That may or may not include side cases. Doesn't say.


So, make that around 130 pounds lighter.......


My original comparison was to my '02 R1150RT.



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wow, I had no idea the WC RT was that heavy wet weight. yea the R1150RT is around 640 lbs so considerable weight savings to the oil head. but I had no idea the riding weight of the WC RT was around 600 lbs.

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2014 R1200RTW.... directly from my owners manual


Unladen weight 604 lbs (274 kg), DIN unladen weight, ready for

use, fuel tank 90 % full, inc. panniers

Permissible gross weight 1091 lbs (495 kg)

Maximum payload 487 lbs (221 kg)


I'm not sure if that is with bags, but believe it is with side bags but not trunk. Fuel is 6.6 Gallons@6lbs/gal *90% means the bike without fuel weighs approximately 568lbs. If bags not included I would suggest adding about 5lbs total. The bags are very lite...


I traded in a 2005R1150RT on this bike. It was heavier as I remember. I don't recall the 1150RT weight, but I can tell you the 1200 RTW drives and feels much lighter. Not even a comparison. It is more flickable, faster, maneuverable, easier to get on center stand etc. I suspect it has to do with center of gravity and where weight is carried. Going to the RTW I feel like I went way up on the cycle scale and pretty far down on the weight distribution chart.

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Differently from others I've learned not to trust paper figures. ;)


My dealer gave me a GT as a courtesy bike while my boxer was being serviced. I didn't like it. It's too low for me (and I am not a giant), the riding position didn't suit me (not as upright as on a GS or RT nor as a focused as on a sportsbike) and it leaked oil. :rofl:

For the rest it's very economical to run, vibrates far less than its Kawasaki competitor, the seat is not as soft as on many boxers... However if I had to pick a parallel twin, I'd take the F800GS they previously gave me in a heartbeat. Just junk the horrible Pirelli's it came with and you have a first class bike. :thumbsup:

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I've got a low mileage fully farkled 2013 F800GT that has been used for a few 400-500 mile days.


It's surely no boxer so if you want an RT or GS feel just go buy that.


It will clean an RT or GS's clock in our twisty mountain roads in NC. Handles way lighter than either, has better brakes than either. Power is sufficient for sustained 100 mph cruise if you wish though its better at 85. Motor has the vibes characteristic of F twins- biggest diff from the boxer is less torgue but a wider more linear power band. Tests by Michigan State Police proved it faster around their test track than an RT.


It is not as comfortable as an RT for long days but nothing else is either. Guys probably want to use footpeg lowering devices- mine has the Suburban Machinery bits.


The F800GT has no special vices other than the heat off the rad being noticeable in hot weather- generally its a pleasant, lighter and fine handling machine. However its stock side cases are not well designed- the Givis fitted by some are better.


I have too many bikes and current health issues limit my ability to ride/service all 7 of them so I am reducing the fleet. My F800GT will be posted here soon as will a 2006 K1200GT.


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I thought this was a Sport Touring forum . The F800GT is a real sport touring Motocycle . I put about 15k on mine this year. You don't need those big heavy things . I've been riding for over four decades. And over 300k on motorcycles. But that's my opinion.

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My 2 cents:  I have both a 1995 R100RT boxer and a 2013 F800GT.  Both are well farkled.  The GT is faster, feels lighter.  And I love the GT's wet clutch.  But the RT is comfortable as an old shoe for longer hauls (and easy to maintain).  I had planned to replace the RT with the GT, but cannot bear to.  As Stan Walker said (above), I think I'll keep the RT for long distances and use the GT for around town.   Some complain about the F800 engine having vibration, but that may be an individual bike thing.  I don't feel any objectionable vibes at all.  I don't much like all the electronic frippery, but I don't have to use it.

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error, GT not GS
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