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how tight is too tight?


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Been having some trouble keeping the presurised fuel line connected to the imput to the injector system. I am using the proper presurized fuel line screw type clamps, but how tight is too tight? I don't want to cause myself wors trouble by over tightening the clamp (if that is even possible) but I am getting frustrated about fuel seaping out.


I have ordered the all metal quick disconnects and have fresh BMW fuel line. I will be replacing both runs from the tank to the metal lines into the injector system soon. I want to make sure I tighten the clamps tight enough without damaging anything in the process.


Thanks in advance for this and thanks again for all the help I've gotten on other stuff over the years.


Don Kramber

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Squeezed, but not ridiculous. The fuel is under pretty high pressure. If it leaks when you turn the key on, tighten them a little more.

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