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RT Windshield Wiggle


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I have a 2013 R1200RT with 9,000 miles that I bought used in April 2014. Since I bought it, in most instances but not all the time the windshield does a "dance" when lowered to the full down, park position. It's hard to explain, but upon reaching the down position, it comes back up a little and then parks.


I know there have been issues with the upper and lower arms and was wondering if what I am seeing is a precursor to a bigger problem.


I do have a +2 inch Cee Bailey windshield but the dance was occurring prior to swapping windshields and is no worse now than before.


Any ideas?

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I always thought that was normal behavior... My 2010 does the same. I think it's part of the programmed "park" sequence, reminds me of many cars power sunroofs.. They do the same.

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My 2006 does the same, although it does it with only the first lowering after a "key on." With all subsequent lowerings, it simply goes down to the botton (without the fancy park sequence).

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