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13 R1200RT (any issues Good or bad)


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I've been away from the RT for some time. I used to have a 2003 RT which was replaced with a 2004 GS, which I still have today. I just made the decision to upgrade to a 2013 RT. I plan on purchasing the 2013 RT on Tuesday if all works out. The RT I'm looking at is the 90th anniversary model. I'm interested in any comments out there and looking forward to a return to the RT. I've loved my time on the GS but ready for a change.

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Overall I love the camhead. Had a 2006 RT before the 2011. Only a couple of issues first being the switch gear. It's been in at least 3 times for issues with both the left aND right clusters. Currently having issues with the windshield switch and the handgrip heat switch, supposedly the newest version works and BMW will fix for free.


I've also had an issue with a cam chain tensioner leak, fixed under warranty but it's leaking again.


The switch issue is frustrating, the dealer is 120 miles from the house but the bike hasn't left me stranded either. I would recommend the camhead to anyone with the cavaiot about the switch issue.

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I bought my 2013 R1200RT in April 2014 used and currently have about 9,000 miles. I've had no problems. The only item requiring the dealer is replacing the switch clusters. I had to ask if the bike was eligible as opposed to being notified. I didn't have problems with the switches prior to or following replacement.


I moved from a 2000 R1100RT that my son inherited. I'm a believer in the BMW R series bikes. Simple to work on, especially when compared to the K bikes or almost all other comparable multicylinder sport touring style bikes.

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Go ahead and buy it without any worries!


Once you've got it in the Barn give your Dealer a call to find out if the switches have been changed out yet. BMW is doing it without any charge to you.


25000 problem free miles on my 2012 CamHead so far and I'd get on it and ride Coast to Coast tomorrow on a whim without any worries. Best bike I've owned so far. Get yours and enjoy the heck out of it!


Absolutely Wonderful motorcycles. Post up a pic when you get her!

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Well I got it. I picked up yesterday from BMW of Atlanta. Had a great ride back to Alabama. Thanks for all the response.



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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Have fun and ride safe. Keep posting for advice or feedback. We all love to hear from others.

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Congratulations Gene, I think your gonna love the Camhead. I too just bought a new to me '13 after putting 84K mostly trouble free miles on a '10.

Say hello to Guy when you see him.


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I will I just retired and started working with Guy. My choice to upgrade was partly due to Guy. I put 65000 mile on my 04 GS before moving back to the RT.

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Sorry I'm late to the party, but other than the switch cluster replace (which tpfeffer & others have already noted), I'm rapidly approaching 16,000 trouble-free miles on my '13 RT, which seems to just get better the more I ride. I think you'll really come to love & appreciate this bike more & more over time, just as many of us do.


Congratulations, and welcome to the (almost) modern world!

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Currently, I own a 2014 RT.

Not a fan of the engine or transmission.


I have owned 2 Camhead GSs and 2 Hexhead RTs...


Even though I'd be taking 3/4 of a second longer in a 1/4 mile drag race... I'd take the earlier bikes over my radiatored and fanned RT LC. The engines sound much mo better.


I should have purchased a 90 Yahre RT. Except for the switches, which also suck on the '14, they are well proven.



Post up a nice pic.



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Great bike, I am thinking you may have got my old bike that I traded in to them about a month ago or so. It was still there a couple of weeks ago when I was down there, had around 7,500 miles on it.

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