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R1200RT OEM Tyre Delaminated


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My 2014 model Oz OEM tyre (Continental I think) totally delaminated for the full circumference of the tyre. ie the tread was not attached to the tyre casing. Tyre had 12000 kms on it.


Manufacturer said this is caused by under or over inflation and would not cover replacement.


Tyre was always perfect pressure and BMW agrees. Rep said that he had seen 3 of these so far.


Got a replacement (different brand) at cost (at least) from BMW rep.



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I do not know about things like this in Oz, but here in the USA there was a Continental Tire recall that sounds just like your issue.


Check out this link to a thread on another forum. Notice the link from the Continental.




For you USA people. If you have Continental tires that were manufactured during those dates... (see the link)... if the tires were fitted as OEM then they will replace the tire.



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Continental said something about my tyre not being in the recall.

Local BMW rep will not stock them.

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I'd send them the bill for your out of pocket $$.

If they refuse, ask a lawyer.

Even if your specific tire isn't included (as of now) it should be and they either know that or are finding out.

If your only damage is the loss of tire, getting the $$ back would make you whole.

But bigger issue is if someone else has an accidents and has bad outcome.

Good luck.

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Call Consumer Affairs in your state.

Hopefully you have a picture that shows the tire de-laminated, otherwise ask for a short written statement from your dealer, confirming that this is what happened.

Point out that apart from not "Fit for purpose", there is also a serious safety issue. Ask Consumer Affairs who you should contact to log a motor vehicle safety check.

There is also the issue that this could be a warranty call as the tire was part of the original bike package.

You are in NSW, so the Consumer Affairs Number to call is: 133220

08:30AM-17:00PM Monday to Friday...so call them today.

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