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Evans Waterless coolant

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This is my first post. Is anyone using Evans Waterless coolant?

Have a K 12 LT, Pulling a 700 lb. trailer- Looking to use a better coolant than normal coolant.

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Haven't used that.


the BMW coolant is excellent but that is a lot of trailer weight.

The internet is full of both sides wrt this product. like many.

You do have to completely remove all old coolant and water first.

Lots of stuff out there.


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Guest Kakugo

Don't use those products. Seriously, don't.


Too much hassle (cooling system has to be completely drained of water to work), raises cylinder temperature (raising octane requirement), is 3-4 times more dense than what OEM water pumps are rated to accomodate, coolant flow through radiator is reduced etc.


If you want to use a "better" coolant, use distilled water with Water Wetter or Motul MoCool (same product sold under two different brands) added to it.

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