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Rider's Manual location 2014 R1200RT

Peter K

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OK, so this is not crucial by any means, BUT.... My 2014 R1200RT's Rider's Manual, on pg 13 under "General View /right side", says that the Rider's Manual is stored at the back of the bike somewhere under the rack. There is not much detail in the picture, but it appears to be in the right rear of the motorcycle and not under the passenger seat. So I have been back there looking for a compartment several times and for the life of me, I have no idea what they are talking about. Is there some sort of openable storage bin back there?? Or was the manual writer just overcome with boredom when putting this 200 pg. novel together??

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Mike the Ghoul

I fit mine behind the rear seat. I had to scrunch it a little and snake it past a wire that crosses behind the seat and a crossbar located there also. I also fit a few extra small tools back there. Pretty small space.



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I am glad it is not only me that is having trouble with this. I concluded there was no real place for the rider manual and BMW have just decide it should be stuff in there somehow!


I have to say that BMW have not covered themselves is glory over the on bike storage / rear seat removal on this bike. I have the BMW optional security oil filler cap and there is no dedicated place to put the hex key that opens it (why not ??). In addition the rear seat release procedure is just silly and we seem to have lost the ability to lock helmets to the bike other than in the top-box or panniers.


Always seems a shame when a new bike or car has features that are not as good as its predecessors. Especially when getting it right would not cost anymore and is an easy thing given just a bit of thought!!


Anyway whinge over - If anyone has a good location for the rider manual please let us know.

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I downloaded the electronic version and keep it on my smart phone.


That works but I am old style and like a hard back up copy.

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Any chance there is a storage compartment built into the passenger seat base?




That arrow is about where my thumb would land while holding the booklet - so maybe BMW is just saying "Here's the manual dummy, right in your hand!"

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I've always kept mine in the tank bag in a plastic bag, even on my 02R1150RT which has great storage under seats, tail, glove box. It doesn't take up much space and stays pristine until you rally need to use it...



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If you put your manual in that little storage area behind the passenger seat you better have it well wrapped in plastic. When it rains, water pours through that area!

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