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So here's a good one, '03 R1150RT-P


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Run out R1150RT-P

All PD Stuff removed including siren amp.

Rescued from the proverbial barn after sitting several years.

The mice/squirrels/marmots had a feast on the wiring and over time, things have been replaced or repaired.

The bike now starts, runs great, everything works so far.


When the engine is shut off with the key, the stock horn gives a quick "toot" every time.

When just cycling the key, no toot.

Haven't tried killing the engine at the handlebar yet.


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Well that's an odd one.

I've got an 03 RT-P conversion, love it, but spent several years slowly extricating the various elements of wiring and bolt-on subframe from the bike, doing a little more each winter when I had it apart for annual maintenance. Be curious to hear what caused your horn issue if you chase it down.

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Evening Tri750


With an RT-P being involved about ANYTHING is possible.


Not much that could go wrong in the (stock) horn circuit could cause the problem you are seeing so I would look for something out of the ordinary tied into the horn circuit (like anti theft equipment or some LEO added circuitry)


You might start your looking by removing the horn relay- If the problem stops then look for some circuit effecting the relay trigger circuit.


If removing the horn relay doesn't stop the tooting at key down then look for something connected to the horn circuit between horn relay & horns.

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Thx both.

If one kills the engine at the handlebar, there is no toot.

Just at key off.


The siren/light controller is long gone, there is no obvious module for an anti theft device.

My WAG is the shotgun or M4 release timer is in there somewhere. It's ex CHP.


More fiddling when the bike comes back next week.



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