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Ratchet noise at idle, clutch disengaged


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I'm hearing a knocking or Rachel like noise when the bike is at low rpm. It's prominent with no load. Above 2k though it's normal. I can hear it from both cylinders.

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When I started the bike this morning the noise wasn't there which is what I recalled. Perhaps it has something to do with outside temps of 100+? Think I'll try fresh oil and see what that does. Can't be an ignition issue since the noise is at low rpm's w/o load.

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Maybe the cam chain tensioner. Do you know if you've got the original cam chain tensioner or the new design?


Perhaps the throttle valve is bouncing off the stop on the right side? If the plastic is off you can reach under the throttle body and hold it against the stop with your finger and it should quiet.

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New cam chain tensioner on left side, original on right. No noise when it's cold so I don't think it's either the tensioners (unless oil is thinning out enough in the 100F+ heat) or the right TB. Perhaps I'll double check that this weekend as I did have to make an adjustment to the stop screw (it wasn't even touching the stop when I started the TB balance).

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