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Route from Ohio to MOA in Billings, MT


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Hey all,


I'm sure some of you easterners are heading to the MOA this year. I live in Northwest Ohio. Are there any somewhat interesting routes on the way to Billings? I am leaving on Saturday, 7/18 and have to meet a friend near Glendive, MT on 7/21. Whichever way I go, looking' forward to the ride!

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Well you could head north to Duluth and the Aerostich store (and other sites in Duluth) and then do part of the north shore of Lake Superior before heading west. Or wander through the UP first along the south shore of Lake Superior (Pictured Rocks & Copper Harbour). You could do worse than US 2 across Minnesota & North Dakota. An easy side trip to Rugby, ND (geographical center of NA).


Or the south route includes Badlands National Park, Wall SD, Minuteman Missle National Historic Site, everything around the Black Hills (Cody State Park, fantastic little 2 lane roads, Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Deadwood, Sturgis) and Devils' Tower before Glendive.


Are you interested in following Lewis & Clark and the Missouri River? Into grasslands parks? Bird nesting sites? Devils Lake is a protected area for waterfowl and has even had pelicans nesting.


Just some suggestions. Keep in touch and we'll go for a beer in Billings.


Mike Cassidy

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If you go through Michigan, let me know with a PM. Have good info on above and below Superior. I am heading out a bit earlier to hit the GS Giant gathering just before the rally.

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