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Vibration in right mirror, left is solid


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I'm getting a vibration in the right mirror that seems road speed dependent. Below about 45 or so it's fine. Above this and it gets difficult to make out traffic behind me on that side. The left is rock solid. I can't say for sure, but it seems this started after dumping the bike avoiding a car changing lanes into me when lane splitting (landed on right side). The mounting frame for the mirror had gotten bent and I straightened it out. Also the fairing stay also got bent as I had to do some reforming of it to get the front fairing to mount properly (took it off to repair the mirror mount bracket). I'm pretty sure it had been bent when I bought it as the bike had been down before. I don't see any missing bushings. Any ideas?

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Probably one or both parts of the RT mirror attachment.

46 63 2 313 800 CARRIER PLATE, RIGHT

46 63 2 352 122 BASE PLATE RIGHT

Base plate is part of the mirror; carrier plate is the piece on the bike that the mirror get latched onto. One or both is loose so your mirror is vibrating.

This should be the diagram, but I don't think these prices are up to date.



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Base plate was replaced. Carrier plate straightened by me. Pretty sure both are tight, but I can check them at some point.

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