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Oil Change


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Very basic request for information.


I am aiming to do my second oil change (engine, tranny & FD 1150RT '02) in the coming weeks. I thought I kept links for stepping through however i can't find them :( although i have found this. I'm sure there is a one with a couple stepping through the procedure.


Really annoying i have lost so many links, if you have these and how to do the ABS i would be really grateful.



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Matthew Miller

I have an R1100RL and purchased the Clymer Manual online for about $35 dollars. This manual goes into a lot of detail. If while searching online I come across links to free info I will forward it to you.

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search RT oil change on YouTube. There are 2 really great videos. One on oil change and one on FD. Both were invaluable to me.

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