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Removing Gear Box Cover?


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My gear box cover, the cover behind the alternator belt, has paint chipping very badly off the lower portion. I would like to remove the alternator belt cover and the gear box cover and repaint them both. How much trouble is involved in removing the gear box cover once you get past the alternator belt?




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Morning Marion


I see you have a 2005 1200RT (early 1200 engines are more difficult that later 1200's as the balance shaft was changed on the later engines)


Removing that cover is not rocket science but it doesn't just pull-off either.


You have the crankshaft sensor up top to fiddle with as well as needing some sort of gear puller (or homemade puller) to pull the cover off of the accessory shaft/counter shaft bearing & remove the crankshaft belt pulley.


You need to remove all the perimeter bolts (mark their positions) as well as the 4 bearing cover bolts, the belt pulley & crank sensor.


Going back together you need to use some sort of shaft protector on the crankshaft so you don't nick the oil seal.


Most just paint that timing cover with it in place on the engine.


If your 05 engine STILL has the sound deadening foam under the belt cover you might remove that & as much old glue as possible (the later engines eliminated that foam due to corrosion issues it caused)


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