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Anyone Has Ever Ridden in Alsace?


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Guest Kakugo

This is mostly aimed at our members stationed and/or living near Wiesbaden.

Next week I am heading over to Zurich, and I plan to take an extra day of vacation. As usual during the good season I am going there on the bike so I get free parking in the city center and can book a (much cheaper) hotel in a village outside of that very nice but rabidly expensive city.

I am split if either going to the Basel Zoo, which I've wanted to visit since I was six or so, or go riding in Alsace, which is really a stone throw away from Basel.


Anyone has any experience with roads in that area: Col de la Schlucht, Col de Hohneck, Grand Ballon etc?

I am a rider first, so road quality has the priority over scenery and historical landmarks.



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