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V1 connection LE?


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Has anyone tried This?



I am working on getting it set up on the 1290 SA right now.


With the Garmin 590 I think I will be able to hear the radar hits through the Garmin

output or even the bluetooth?


Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?






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Reading all the info on it, it can ONLY pair with your iPhone, not with a Bluetooth communicator. The question is whether the audio will be passed through to other sources. As a test case, if, with your iPhone paired to the 590 and the 590 paired to your communicator, you can hear music played on the iPhone, then I'd guess the odds are pretty good you'd also be able to hear radar alerts. But I'd still call Valentine and see what they say.


On the other hand, you could connect the V1 audio to, say, Sena's SM10 and pair that with your communicator or the 590.

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I do not think that the audio is sent over V-1 Connect Bluetooth module. I know with the Android Phone it does not. Still need to get audio threw Audio Box. Tnx

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Having a great time with the output from the V-1 audio adapter (as well as the hardwired bike radio audio) going to the Sena SM-10. That unit then sends the audio via BT to my Sena SM20 on my helmet. Perfect!!!

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