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Re: 2014-2015 RT Engine Guards from ZTechnik


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Don't take the following the wrong way, as I like these and have a camhead set on a 2012 R12RT, but:


"Guards attach to the motor mounts – not the engine cases – to protect the cylinder heads and not destroy them."



Um, what motor mount is down at the front of the engine case in the picture where there's no frame member?



Separate item: the use of stainless steel is very interesting -- it will be interesting to see how they fair with long term exposure and the occasional drop. If they prove out, I'll have to look at a set.

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Glad I didn't wait on them. Look better than the ones I have, but don't look to me like the mounting is nearly as robust. Could just be what I can see of the pictures however. Protection from a fall is the only reason I have them on my RT and I just don't see what I think is a really good attachment process. Add to that a ridiculous cost factor for them ( or any brand it seems). I would like the stainless finish I think.

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