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left side triangle cover broken tab...


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Hi all,


I know I have seen threads on how to fix those pesky tabs that are prone to breaking. I have a broken one and would love some help on how to fix. the search function did not pull any threads up? Thanks in advance!



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Thanks for quick reply!


Those threads deal with a different model year maybe? My cover is held on with one post and two plastic "blades" that attach to the bottom of the cover. One of the plastic "blades" is broken.



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Afternoon Andrew


I should have checked a little closer.


On the broken plastic tab?_ I repaired one of those on an 1100R with a little "L" shaped stainless steel tab & pop rivet in through the bottom of the cover.


Couldn't see the repair with cover in place.

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Good idea! I also just looked on parts fiche and discovered that I can buy that part for $2.97. Part number is


05 52 53 2 313 447 SUPPORT LEFT

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You are most likely looking at the gray rubber like sleeves that go over the tabs.

They prevent vibration noise.

The tabs are cast in to the plastic and are not replaceable except by do it yourself repairs such as the one already mentioned.


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